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About Me

I Am An Intellectually Curious World Citizen.

A Growth Hacker & Advocate for Open Source and Decentralization.

Borned In Southern Finland.  Grown Up In Spain & China.

Been To +50 Countries. Lived In +7.

  • Advocate For Web 3.0, Blockchain Architect, Pro In Copywriting & Digital Marketing .
  • Doing Things In Unconventional Way, Trilingual, Cross Cultural & Tolerant Towards Diversity.
  • A Big Fan Of Cognitive Diversity.
  • Aiming To Make Global Impact By Helping People With My Knowledge.

Since 2011

Digital Marketing Expert - SMM


Economic Olympics


Madrid Stock Exchange

In 2015

Graduated From the Law School

In 2016

Mastered Blockchain Law

Since 2016

Advising Multiple Blockchain Companies


Master In Asian Business & Economic Development

Since 2016

Worldwide Speaker About Blockchain, Emerging Technologies, AI, Growth Hacking & Asian Markets

Since 2016

Worked In the EU Chamber Of Commerce


Distance MBA in London School Of Management


Mastered NLP, Copywriting & Growth Hacking

In 2019

Won Google Start Up Competition by European Innovation Academy


Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect


Cloud Computing + Blockchain + Business Intelligence







Active Board Member In

  • United Nations - US Delegation
  • EU Blockchain Observatory
  • Fintech Professionals
  • World Education Blockchain Association
  • Nordic Blockchain Association

I Have Worked With A Large Number Of Clients From Various Industries Such As:

  • Blockchain & Fintech
  • Biohacking & Health Tech
  • Smart cities
  • Saas in various industries
  • Emerging Technologies (Industry 4.0) AI Driven Solutions, Cloud Computing,VR
  • Social Commerce (KOL’s)
  • Greentech in Asia
  • I Can't Wait To Assist You In Developing & Executing A Growth Plan For Your Business

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From A Very Young Age I Loved Studying, Yearned For Knowledge & Mental Stimulus.

If Your Mission Aligns With My Worldview, Message Me For Business or Intellectual Fun.

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